Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mashi- Tenshon!!

Salam.. Konnichiwa!!

+Uwaa- bit tensed lately.. Nande? hehe.. I've to make final report for my Industrial Training [Practical] at PMB *tears*
+And have to study! study and study for my Investment Analysis.. at the same time *2la pdh ble study n LI at the same time*
+This friday- katanye ade Test 2 for Investment.. at the same time, mashi kna siapkan report cz nk tnjuk kt supervisor *tkut2 die nak amend pe2*
+19 Apr'10 presentation for my Training *what!* huhu [wonder if mai toma be mai sensei *blush*]
+Next month.. mashi ade Final Exam for my Final Year! *penentu idop or i'll die huhuh*
+Gomen nasai.. Really tensed, xtau nk cter kt sapa *uwaa* [hug toma]

listening: Rising Sun-DBSK/TVXQ/DBSG

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