Friday, April 2, 2010

Ikuta Toma- Hanamizuki

Ikuta Toma (25) and Aragaki ~Gakky~ Yui (21) have successfully finished filming all their domestic scenes for their upcoming movie “Hanamizuki”.

This movie is based on a song by Hitoto You (33) which tells a story of a couple that has been in love for more than 10 years.
Aragaki and Ikuta started filming in September, and have already filmed locations shots in Kushiro and Tokyo.
During the last couple of scenes in Kushiro and Hokkaido, they had to film at temperatures 3 degrees below freezing. However, because of their hard work, they were able to create deep and touching scenes such as the two of the walking hand in hand along the white scenery at night. “It was very cold, but we had a really warm atmosphere at the set and every day was a lot of fun,” said Ikuta, looking back on the filming. “I’m glad we were able to finish the filming with such beautiful and sparkling snow,” Gakky said with a smile.
In return for the suport of the local fisherman at the Shiranuka fishing harbor, the cast and staff spent the day after their last scenes giving them rice and other warm meals. The name of the movie “Hanamizuki” means “returning a favor” in the language of flowers, so it fit the theme of the movie. Gakky and Ikuta surprised the fishermen and their families by serving miso soup, pacific cod, and fried salmon and vegetables.
Warm-hearted Ikuta received a few presents as well. The local fishermen awarded him a flag that said “big catch” in reference to his role in the movie, and Gakky surprised him with a carved bear. Hokkaido is famous for their woodcraft as well as their seafood. “Amazing! I only played a role, but it is actually a life experience seeing how much pride those fisherman have in their work,” said Ikuta. Ikuta actually has some advanced fishing skills himself, so he can really relate to their work. “I’ve mastered the fishing of salmon, that should be worth something,” he joked.[how cute toma-ne]

Next month, Gakky is going to film scenes in New York and Canada. As she hasn’t gone overseas much, she said “I haven’t really worked that much overseas and I’m nervous, but I want to enjoy it as much as possible.” Ikuta isn’t going to be included in those scenes, but he gave her some encouragment, and reminded her to take care of her health. [i'm jealous hoho-but see how caring toma-kun with all people]

Aragaki commented on how fun it was to work with Ikuta. “Ikuta-san’s various facets reinforced the movie a lot. You always have fun with him at the set and he stays all natural when he gets into his acting. It truly was a wonderful time I’ve got to spent together with him.”

“Hanamizuki” will open nationwide in Japan on August 21.[hu- teringin nak tengok live from Japan*untung2 toma ade*]


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