Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ikuta Toma- Strict daddy

In the future, let’s talk about our sons as fellow stubborn fathers.

Has there been a time when you said, “I hope this aspect of him never changes”?

Yamashita: For me, I hope Toma’s attitude towards his work doesn’t change.
Toma: For Yamashita, I think it’s the way he cherishes his fans. And there’s also the thoughtfulness towards his family. Although he’s had his fair share of being rebellious. (laughs) His mother came to talk to me at that time.

Yamashita: Uhahahahaha. (laughs)

Toma: You know, Yamashita’s mother has an incredible amount of trust in me.
Yamashita: He totally broke through the 200% trust level. There’s this feeling that if Toma is there, somehow things will be okay.

Toma: Having been through that rebellious period, (laughs) I think the way Yamashita cherishes his family now is great.
You two seem like you want to be fathers which look after the family in the future.

Yamashita: However, we’re gonna be strict towards our sons.

But on the other hand, you’ll be indulgent towards your daughters?

Yamashita: I don’t want daughters! The moment I think of the fact that she’ll become someone else’s bride, argh, I can’t stand it!

Toma: I get what you mean! When she becomes twenty, she’ll spend the rest of her life with another guy. When I think about it, it’s impossible.

Yamashita: That’s true. I don’t get it at all.

Toma: Isn’t that so? I’m definitely in the camp where I want sons.

Yamashita: Toma looks like he’ll be a strict daddy~

Toma: I will, without a doubt. In the future, let’s talk about our sons as fellow stubborn fathers.

Yamashita: Yes, we probably will.

You’ve become men who can talk to each other as adults, yes?

Toma: Should we have been talking to each other about fashion? Oh yes, it would be nice if girls wear scarves and such in winter.

Yamashita: I like clothes which has a nice texture to it. Like knitwear which has a comfortable touch.

Toma: Kinda, this conversation is reeaaally out of place here. (laughs)

Yamashita: That’s so true! (laughs)

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musixofmalife said...

hehe.. i believe dat TOMA-kun will b a great daddy 4 his kids (^o,^)

Mashi Toma said...

great n the best.. die kn byk psamaan ngn mak die.. so dpt byg cmne die jga ank nt.. n msti caring lebih~

musixofmalife said...

hehe.. ye x ye gk tu. untungnya lw jd anak TOMA-kun nnt. daady da r encem, baik lak tu. ;p

Mashi Toma said...

he- tbe2 offer nk jd ank angkt kt die.. Haha, daddy! Lol.. Pe2 pon toma thu pe yg die wt, n pk b4 nk wt.. Die xkn wt kputusan tburu2.. Pk long term-

musixofmalife said...

bek jd wife ankat je. ehehehe.... ;p . Tu r.. TOMA-kun wt cmtu cz nk jge hati owg kt skeliling dia. datz y lw nk ckp pn mst guna bhs y baik n jge his behaviour. think i learn a lot frm his prsonality. ~kne slalu jge behaviour n kate2 evn kt mne2 skalipun. he's so inspiring ^^

Mashi Toma said...

bhasa die sgt mnyenangkn- em, senpai ske sgt msa toma-kun sbut "kawaii ne hontou kawaii ne" lembut je suara die-

msa 2 die puji plkon kt majosai 2 la ^^

musixofmalife said...

haa.. de prasan vid tu. comey kn tym tu?? then kna buli lak dgn his senpai. cian sgt.. pstu ske gk sura ltr TOMA-kun utk H&C. suara lmbut n sweet je.. rasa relax je dgr ^^

Iefa_San said...

wah~! Bestnye! Lagi best kalo Toma yg jadi daddy for my kids.. huhuhu.. dreaming~! dreaming~! =)

Mashi Toma said...

ha'a.. die ad sore yg mnenangkn.. alahai :P toma-kun.. ang bila nk kuar lgu bru... miss ur voice neh- haha

iefa-san: kyAah.. mmg pon.. sbp pribadi toma clean- kn ^^ *wondering smpai lgit ke-7* >_<

musixofmalife said...

huhu.. lw nk tggu lgu bwu pn ntah2 kne tggu his new butai la agknya. cz TOMA-kun slalunya akn nyanyi in his butai. wuwu.. kn bgus lw TOMA-kun wt album dgn yamapi.

Mashi Toma said...

toma will be in next butai! yeke- huhu..

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